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Reactive Transport in 3-Dimensions

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Server Issues

Due to server issues beyond our control, the RT3D website was unavailable for a period of time.  We are now back online, but the ability to download the RT3D is still non-functional.  You can contact us by e-mail in the interim until we restore the ability to download.

rtFlux Utility

A utility named rtFlux has been developed as a means to visualize mass flux results for RT3D (and MT3DMS) simulations.  This utility is yet another tool to assist in visualization and interpretation of the output from reactive transport simulations of groundwater solutes.  The user can assess the time course of mass flow across a rectangular, grid-orthogonal plane or the spatial distribution of mass flow (and volumetric flow/concentration) throughout a plane.  See the rtFlux page and the documentation for details and examples.

New RT3D Reaction Modules

The RT3D MNA and EA reaction modules are now available as DLL files for use with RT3D as custom reaction modules.  See the associated documenta­tion (PNNL-15937 & PNNL-15938) for details on the reaction modules and using RT3D for MNA applications.  Reaction modules can be obtained via the Downloads page.  Included in the set are six reaction modules for various combinations of chlorinated methanes, ethanes, and ethenes under natural attenuation conditions (including a redox-linked chloroethene degration module).  Two other reaction modules are included for enhanced attenuation (EA):  substrate-linked chloroethene biodegradation and cometabolic aerobic dechlorination of chloroethenes.  Although integration with graphical user interfaces is not complete, the user-defined reaction module capabilities of GMS can readily be used to configure a simulation and Visual Modflow can be adjusted as well ( to discuss how).   Note that these are a beta version reaction modules, meaning that they have not been through a formal quality assurance process for review, testing, and documentation.  That said, the RT3D Development Team has used prototype versions of many of these reaction modules in groundwater modelling projects, obtaining meaningful results.  These reaction modules are being made available for users to try out and we encourage comments and bug reports.

Redesigned Web Site

Welcome to the re-designed RT3D web site.  An update long overdue, it harmonizes with the recent adoption of a new PNNL logo and color theme.  You will find the same useful information (descrip­tions, documenta­tion, downloads, etc.) as well as some new features, such as the FAQ.  Note that you will want to use the navigation links in the column to the left (the links at the top of the page are [by mandate] for PNNL, not RT3D).

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