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Reactive Transport in 3-Dimensions


RT3D Code

Users may, at no cost, download the versions of RT3D listed below, which are provided without a graphical user interface and can be used as stand-alone software or in conjunction with third party graphical interfaces.  Information on copyright/license can be found in the RT3D version 2.5 Readme document (available below), among other places.  Insofar as applicable per U.S. DOE contract DE-AC05-76RL01830, RT3D is not public domain software; contact the PNNL legal department for details, if needed.

If you are interested in one of the packages below, please e-mail a request to us.  Include your name, company, package of interest, and brief description of intended use.

  • RT3D version 2.5, 2003-Feb-03 Build (3.4 MB)   (source code, documentation, Win32 executables, examples)
  • RT3D MNA/EA reaction modules, 2010-Feb-01 Build (beta version software) (1.0 MB)   (Win32 DLLs)
  • RT3D version 1.0, 1998-Nov-03 Build (1.3 MB)   (source code, documentation, Win32 executables, examples)


Listed below is documentation describing the basis of the RT3D code and how to use the software.  The RT3D manuals do not overlap a lot, so use them together as a set for complete information on the code.  The RT3D version 2.5 Readme readme file contains information related to limitations and downloading the software.  The RT3D tutorials for GMS were written for version 1.0 of RT3D and a previous version of GMS, but the information is still generally useful (although there have been some changes in the GMS interface).  The two white papers describe additional reaction modules, which may be implemented as user-defined reaction modules.  All documents are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format and can be viewed with free software.

Example Simulations

The following zip file contains the input files for the examples discussed in the RT3D Manual (PNNL-11720). 


RT3D-Related Utilities

The following utilities are provides "as is" with no support and without any warranty.  The RT3D developers make no warranties, expressed or implied, that these software are free of errors or whether they will meet your need for solving a particular problem.  You use these software at your own risk.  The developers disclaim all liability for direct or consequential damage resulting from your use of these software. 

If you have developed a utility that is useful when working with RT3D, you may send us a request to have your (freeware) utility listed on this web site.

  • ConReader (145 KB)

    This program is a utility to read time series data for user-defined observation points from RT3D concentration files (*.con files).  This program is a modification of PM.for, written by Dr. Chunmiao Zheng for post-processing MT3DMS data.  The code modifications were done by Brad Thoms while a Master's Candidate in Environmental Science and Engineering at the Oregon Graduate Institute (now Oregon Health & Sciences University).  Let us know know if you find this software useful.

Third-Party General Utilities

The RT3D developers do not endorse these software over any other; we have merely found these utilities to be useful and provide links to them here as a convenience only.

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