Reactive Transport in 3-Dimensions

Document / Article Abstract

"Modeling Multispecies Reactive Transport in Ground Water."

  • Clement, T.P. Y. Sun B.S. Hooker J.N. Petersen 1998 Ground Water Monitoring & Remediation 18279-92 (Reprint available upon .)

In this paper, the details of a general-purpose, multi-species, reactive transport code RT3D, are presented.  The code utilizes MODFLOW to simulate flow and several MT3D sub-programs to simulate advection and dispersion.  A set of reaction modules were developed and incorporated into RT3D to simulate various types of multi-species reactive transport.  This new computer model can be used for analyzing different types of subsurface contaminant reactions, microbial metabolisms, and microbial transport kinetics.  Details of the model and numerical solution procedure are presented.  The numerical formulation of the code is general enough to allow description of any type of reaction with any number of mobile/ immobile species.  Several example problems are presented to test the performance of the code, and to illustrate its features.  The presented numerical model is shown to be a useful tool for analyzing different types of subsurface bioremediation systems.  Prediction based on this model can be used for screening remediation alternatives including natural attenuation, and/or for forecasting contaminant exposure levels and environmental risks at sensitive, down-gradient receptors.