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Reactive Transport in 3-Dimensions

Reactive Transport in 3-Dimensions

Multi-Species Reactive Transport Simulation Software for Groundwater Systems

RT3D is a software package for simulating three-dimensional, multi-species, reactive transport of chemical compounds (solutes) in groundwater. 

RT3D provides an easy-to-use and flexible framework applicable to natural attenuation, accelerated bioremediation, or other reactive transport modeling scenarios.  Predefined modules are available for common bioremediation scenarios, but you have the flexibility to add any reaction kinetics desired/suitable to represent multiple chemical species in aqueous and sorbed phases. 

Several graphical user interfaces to RT3D are available to organize the process of defining the required RT3D input information and to provide visualization capabilities for the RT3D output. 


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Server Issues

Due to server issues beyond our control, the RT3D website was unavailable for a period of time...

New RT3D Reaction Modules

RT3D reaction modules for MNA and EA of chlorinated ethenes, ethanes, and methanes are available...

rtFlux Utility

The rtFlux utility for assessing mass flow through a plane is now available ...

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